About Us


Margutta is an international provider, and Italy’s leader, of post-production services to the film and television industry. We offer a complete and integrated workflow of front to back-end services across Picture, Sound, Distribution and Asset Management. We do this thanks to a formidable team of artists, a superlative technological platform and an industry experience of 30 plus years.

Our key strengths

At Margutta, we are extremely proud of our people, whose commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer service is the foundation of our company and the envy of our peers.

We have a team of award winning professionals with years of experience who are seen as the leaders in their sector. We are always ready to accommodate specific requirements, with the know-how and expertise to overcome any challenge.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art, last generation, post-production hardware and software.

In addition to 3 Dolby Atmos mixing studios we are equipped with top-of-the-range 4K/5K media hardware, asset and workflow management equipment, latest generation picture/color development technology and a superb and solid multi-content Distribution platform.

We pride ourselves in being among the leaders in post-production technology and we will continue to invest in all new industry advances that can enhance further the platform from which we can provide a superior service.

We see content protection as a quintessential element of our service and, as such, we follow very precise protocols to safeguard all the content entrusted to us. These protocols are reviewed consistently as part of a careful risk management policy and culture.

In addition to a physical layout, which by its very nature and location offers a high level of protection, our facilities are equipped with countless sophisticated preventive measures and formal procedures implemented to minimize the risks to the assets safeguarded.

Margutta operates out of 2, very central, locations in Rome:

Via Margutta, arguably one of the most charming streets in Rome,  is a short walk from the Spanish Steps, easily accessible, it is surrounded by all amenities. Seen as the historical birthplace of dubbing in Italy, the Studios are today a great combination of an inspirational setting and state-of-the-arts technology.

Via Brofferio is equally central and very accessible.  Close to Rai’s hq, the Italian state network,  it offers a comfortable environment combined with a superlative technological platform. Within the private property, we have developed the Margutta garden, a large quiet space that offers a relaxing atmosphere.

The combination of setting and infrastructure make Margutta the perfect place for visiting editorial teams.

Our facilities are supported by an ultrafast, high capacity, private, fiber-optic connection 300Mbps, symmetrical upload/download for quick access and delivery of our services.